About the Firm

Successful marketing programs — the means to your business’ success — start with a single idea and then spread out to reach the customer.  Like waves in a ripple, each component of your marketing program must extend from the center.  They must be carefully planned and executed to produce a seamless result.  BigPond Marketing’s proven approach will move your product or service from a drop in the bucket into a big splash.

Since 1995, BigPond Marketing has worked with a range of fast-paced and demanding clients.  Our network of marketing experts is your team.  Based in the heart of the Bay Area, our marketing professionals are able to work with your team, fully immersed, dedicated and accountable.  Our unique approach delivers solid marketing strategies and integrated tactics that are impactful, and most importantly sustainable.

BigPond Marketing begins with a fast and thorough assessment of your unique situation.  Your goals, market environment, and existing tools and programs are carefully reviewed.  Unlike large, impersonal consulting behemoths, we customize each program to the specific needs of the client and diligently operate as part of your team to ensure smooth and successful implementation, realizing your marketing objectives.

Your success is our success

Our approach is straightforward. Through a keen ability to ferret out information, development of sound and detailed strategies, generation of creative tactics and consistent delivery on promises, BigPond Marketing will produce marketing solutions that generate the desired results — on time and on budget.


Kim Anderson is the founder and president of San Francisco-based BigPond Marketing. Kim excels at developing positioning, articulating key messages, developing effective communications strategies and creating focused, impactful marketing programs.

Kim has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands such as Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Adobe, and Xerox. She has created standout brands for numerous companies, relaunching stale and homespun marketing efforts into elegant brands that truly reflect the essence of the company.

Kim holds an MBA in strategic Marketing from Cornell University.  Bio