Messaging and Communication

Cellular One

Digital PCS:  A Corporation calls for help Wit the major launch of it’s new Digital PCS service and Express Digital PCS “Phone in a box” just  two months away, Cellualr One need to quickly find a reliable replacement for a key marketing staff member who unexpectedly left the company.  Cellular One planned to be the first to introduce the services to the area, and the launch’s timing and success were critical. Solution BigPond Marketing was called in to fill the role.  With a tight timeline, Kim hit the ground running to ensure the company met it’s original goals and deadlines. For the Digital PCS launch, Kim finalized the Cellular Service offering brochure, created the promotional piece, a bill insert and phone display placard. For “Phone in a Box” , she handled in store displays and take away promotion sheets, finalized product packaging and supervised photography of the product packaging for future promotions. After the successful launch, Kim stayed on board to create a marcom program for  Cellular One’s Mobile Message Paging Software and direct mail upgrade programs. the Mobile Message Paging Software program entailed the naming and creation of packaging,  and the development of supporting collateral.  For Digital PCS she continued to upgrade the website to ensure consistency of messaging and up to date features o attract buyers.   BigPond Marketing quickly and successfully responded to Cellular One’s needs. Kim integrated fully into the team and used strong interpersonal skills to build solid professional relationships with company staff and other […]