The journey of a thousand miles….


Image from Flickr user Neervabhatt

Finally, I’m taking my first steps into blogging.

I’ve been blogging in my head for years now. I’ve been imagining different topics that I would publish, manifestos to divulge, random thoughts to share.  But I was always intimidated by the blank page and the desire to make it perfect out of the gate.  So the words and thoughts stayed locked safely inside.  After a very wise friend counseled me and told to just start with “a sh*tty first draft”,  I’ve decided to take the plunge.

I have a feeling at the beginning it’s going to be mainly for my benefit.  There are so many blogs, and mine will be one among many.  That’s OK.  Writing is an important practice. In the writing comes the thinking.  I was assuming that I had to have all the thinking done before I picked up my digital pen.  But I’m learning that the thinking and the insights emerge as a result of the writing, not the other way around. I hope that the random thoughts that arise help you — even if just a little.  I know that they will benefit me immensely.

So… here we go.  Please participate when the mood strikes since this medium is meant to foster a dialogue.  I look forward to reading any comments and discussions that come as a result of posts.

Thanks and let the conversations begin.