Little gestures make a difference

Nice reminder that it just takes the smallest gesture to make both your day and someone else’s.latte-he-art
I stopped at Starbucks to pick up some beans and grab a pick me up. Standing in line, I was behind this very striking, petite woman with short cropped salt and pepper hair and a cute, stylish ruffled heather gray jacket. She ordered the same drink that I was going to, so when I got to the register I made a joke about copying her and then complimented her on the jacket. She sheepishly said that she needed the ruffles since she felt she looked too much like a boy with the short hair.
After a few other comments I gathered the hairstyle was due to chemotherapy. I asked if the short hair was the result of chemo and she nodded and commented that she also needed the ruffles to pick her up since she was feeling sluggish lately. I remarked that I thought the hairstyle was very becoming on her and quite stylish. I wouldn’t have guessed that it wasn’t her desired look. She smiled and thanked me and she seemed sincerely grateful for the compliment. She picked up her drink and warmly parted with a “Have a great weekend”.
Such a brief encounter and yet I felt better ( I had been having a very draining week) and she seemed to have benefited from the sincere flattery and recognition. Reminds me that even the smallest kindness extended to others can lift the mood of both parties.
I need to practice it more.